Samstag, 4. Juli 2009

Hallo unbekannter Besucher aus Gent!

Ich bin gerade mal wieder google-analytics durchgegangen und habe gesehen, dass jemand aus Gent seit längerem mit einem Mac auf mein Blog zugreift. Derjenige scheint jedes Mal über google hier anzukommen. Wer auch immer Du bist, melde Dich doch einfach mal in den Kommentaren. Kenne ich Dich?


  1. Hi André, It is me, Kristof from work :-) I visit your blog now and then and it became part of my Safari "Top sites" which queries your blog for updates. That's probably why there are so many hits. Secret solved :-)

    I'm wondering how google knows it's somebody who's computer is in Gent... Does the IP address indicate this? Have a good weekend, Kristof

  2. Hey Kristof,

    i see, i see. I guess google-analytics does some kind of Geo-IP lookup. It's actually kinda cool, you can see a world map and break it down to the city level in each country/state.

    Thanks letting me know. I hope you get all the things I say in German, if not drop me a line and I'll explain it to you.

    BTW: Do you have an iphone or why does it show me safari on macintosh as your browser?

  3. I don't have an Iphone. It's Safari on Mac.

    I don't understand everything I read, but I can mostly pick up enough information to get the idea. If not I use google for translation which is not perfect at all but good enough to understand. It's a good way to improve my little knowledge of German a little bit more :-)

    Enjoy the Belgian beer and the sun while it lasts, see you,

  4. Google analytics is a great tool to surprise website users ;-)
    I have used it on a website showing photos of my marriage. People look quite surprise if they tell you "I just took a look at the photos, nice." and you answer "I know, you have been looking at them at 11:34, have stayed 15 minutes, visited 80 photos using Internet Explorer 7 and logged in from Hamburg."